Changelog for Windows Application & Servers

Fixed IPv6 auth

Minor GUI bug fixes

Improved error handling, error codes added

Data synchronization added without closing the app

Fixed "unable to load page" error

Application fully supports Windows 7

Improved DNS leak protection

Missing flags added

Favorite locations bug fixed

Port listener feature has been added into application

Minor bug fixes

Fixed issue with Favorite choice

Added Lightning Bolt icon to servers which have atleast 1500 mbps connection

Fixed issue with system tray

Minor bug fixes

Port forwarding functionality has been added into application

Added visual notification in main window if new version is available

Added application and connection errors sending functionality

Changelog url updated

Minor bug fixes

Filter for locations with portforwarding has been added

Support for Windows Server added

Fixed issues with client crashes

IPv6 check added on app launch

Auto-update fixes

Minor bug fixes

Windows Application Version has been released

United States - Chicago server added for Port Forwarding

United States - Los Angeles server added for Port Forwarding

Spain - Seville server added

Turkey - Istanbul server added

Netherlands - Amsterdam server's IP changed

United Kingdom - London server's IP changed

Israel - Tel Aviv server added

Singapore server with DDoS protection added

Australia - Sydney server with 1 gbps connection added

Norway and USA - Seattle servers added

Luxembourg and USA - Las Vegas servers added for Port Forwarding and P2P (torrent)

Netherlands - Amsterdam server added for Port Forwarding

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