Terms of Service

1. We reserve the right to cancel the service of any particular user without having to provide justification, whether these terms are broken or not.

2. We will provide all users with 7 days notice prior to the event of a possible service closure.

3. You may not use our services for the means of distributing child pornography, spamming, or DDoSing - torrenting is prohibited on both UK and US servers.

4. If you chargeback a payment, your service will be suspended and IP banned.

5. Although we try our best to ensure you always recieve a top notch quality of care, we do occasionally have technical difficulties - please bear with us in those times, and refrain from spamming the support system, leaving negative reputation, or disturbing our sales threads.

6. We keep absolutely no logs, even server access logs are disabled. Don't be frightened by the "not protected" banner on the page, this is dynamically generated, and no data stored.

7. You may not share accounts between multiple people, those caught distributing their accounts will be subject to suspensions and being banned from accessing our site.

8. Illegal activity on onshore locations will result in account suspension. You were warned.

9. Torrenting on non allowed locations will result in account suspension. You were warned.