Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the common questions asked about our services

To connect to our servers, you need to download the OpenVPN client, and the Config files available to download within your client area, or emailed to you upon purchase.

Just sign up using the client area button above, the main options are set out in our navbar.

We accept PayPal, and Bitcoin through the CoinPayments gateway.

We don't log VPN data at all!
OpenVPN logging is disabled by standard, and all system logging is cleared every 5 minutes.

Torrenting is allowed on all servers except UK and US.

We prohibit the distribution of Child Pornography, Spamming, and torrenting on UK and US servers

All legal notices passed are to be under UK jurisdiction, and must be sent to [email protected]. DMCA requests will only be acknowledged on the US nodes, as it is not applicable within the UK. We reserve 28 days to respond to each individual case - and if a subpoena for one of our users is requested, we simply can't honour it - we don't store any information but e-mail addresses, no browsing history is stored either.

So rest assured, your browsing is safe with us!

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